Birth Control and Your Device: A Perfect Match!

There was a time, not so long ago, when women had to remember to take their birth control pills every single day! Or write down when it was time to change their Nuvaring or birth control patch- sometimes making a secret mark on their calendar (known only to them) to remind them! Well, that is history. ICYMI, the App Store is bursting with apps to help the women of today take charge of not only their birth control, but tracking their cycles, side effects and moods.

A quick search of “Birth Control Apps” today yielded dozens of different apps. Many have cute, lady-like names such as Eve, Missy, Tia and Mia. “Flo” gets points in my book for the double meaning.

Two of the most popular apps are “My Pill” and “Birth Control Pill Reminder.” Both are highly rated by users. They send you texts to remind you (discreetly) to take your pill, remove or place your Nuvaring or replace your patch. Both include reminders for refills when you are getting low, have places to take notes and track symptoms, and even an ability to “snooze” the reminder and have it pop up again later in the day!

There are several apps for tracking natural cycles if you are doing natural family planning as opposed to prescription birth control. The “Natural Cycles-Birth Control” app is rated 4.8 and has 5,200 reviews. It can also be used as a fertility tracker if you are trying to get pregnant.

You can delve even deeper into women’s health the more you scroll through the available apps. You will see health journals and apps that have virtual access to a provider for a fee. Even ones that promise to help your sex life.

For those of you married to your devices and on birth control, I am sure you have already searched for these apps before reaching the end of this blog – if you aren’t already using one! They are a convenient way to make sure you don’t get off track and have break-through bleeding or an unplanned pregnancy.

Dr. Anne Marie Reidy